Personalized Baby Gifts | Little Giraffe LUXE Blanket PRINTS

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Just when you thought the original monogrammed Little Giraffe Luxe Baby Blanket couldn't get any better...enter Little Giraffe LUXE prints!  The same soft, luxurious baby blanket in 29"x35" with amazing NEW prints and patterns! Exceptionally cozy and extra soft, each blanket has faux fur with a satin border for added softness. The luxe baby blanket is sure to be a favorite personalized baby gift!
About Little Giraffe -
LUXE DandelionBaby's wish comes true with the cozy softness of our Luxe Dandelion Blanket. Our Luxe faux fur is graced with a whimsical print and a satin picture frame border making this blanket an instant classic.
LUXE Heart ArmyLOVE stands strong with our Luxe Heart Army Blanket. Snuggle in and enjoy this silky soft faux fur blanket while spreading the LOVE. Every Heart Army blanket sold benefits babies and kids in need. Little Giraffe is the Heart Army.
LUXE PinstripeSilky soft and plush, our Luxe faux fur features chic, fine stripes in our signature color palette. Create a clean, minimalist aesthetic in your little one’s space with the Luxe Pinstripe Blanket. Naptime has never been so dreamy.