Clamfeet Baby Shoes

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We love bringing you amazing items in our shop and these little moccs are no exception. Clamfeet baby shoes are perfect for ages 0-18 months - they are washable/dryable, vegan, and lined with an organic lining (no sock required)! Plus, the patterns are unique and adorable! What's not to love??? If you're buying as a gift, use the generic "monthly" sizing. If you prefer to use a measurement, see the instructions below for the best fit -

Sizing: please measure your little one's foot from heel to the tip of the toe, flat on a piece of paper. This will give you your child's size. 

Shoes lengths are written in the FINISHED length (not your child's foot size). To get the best fit, please add 3/8"-1/2" to your child's foot measurement to find the correct fit.

Size 1 // 3.75" finished sole  (up to a 3.625" foot)

Size 2 //4.25" finished sole (up to a 4.125" foot)

Size 3 //4.875" finished sole (up to a 4.625" foot)